Smart Home Tech Use Is Growing And Growing

Nationwide research shows smart home devices are being used by a huge number of Brits every day – and some have become obsessive and use smart technology at least once an hour to manage their homes.

A third (37 per cent) of UK households reported owning at least one smart home device designed to support and manage everyday tasks such as lighting, security, heating, and kitchen appliances.

And one in ten (10 per cent) people said they have between four to five smart home technology devices set up in their homes, according to the latest YouGov research.


Six in ten (65 per cent) smart home device owners interact with their technology on a daily basis, whereas almost one in ten (9 per cent) use their devices every hour, indicating a shift towards a more connected home lifestyle.


Smart security

Smart TVs are the most common device in the home, with 62 per cent of Brits watching them at least once a week. Smart hub assistants such as Google Nest and Alexa are the second most popular with fifty per cent of people using them on a weekly basis. Smart devices for listening to music such as speakers are used by 42 per cent of people and are most popular amongst those aged 30-39 (49 per cent), whereas for the over 60s they are used by 32 per cent.

Home security is also being managed by smart technology with security systems such as video doorbells being used by 33 per cent of people.


When it comes to which smart home devices people will invest in this year, the top priorities amongst Brits were reported to be:

1.     Security.

2.     Heating.

3.     Entertainment.

4.     Lighting.

5.     Health monitoring.


Read all about it

Chris Couchman, head of content at the reading App Readly which commissioned the research, says: “Our subscribers want to read about topics that affect, inspire or enhance their everyday lifestyle and smart-home devices are appearing in the top searches this year (2023). From in-depth features on the latest video doorbells to reviews of the latest fitness tracker and airfryer, to cost efficient, lifestyle enhancing expert tips, it is a popular topic to read around as consumers look to make an informed choice.”

Whilst over half (54%) of respondents reported researching online for their home smart tech information, one in four (40 per cent) said they put their trust in government sites and a third (35 per cent) look for guidance from the not-for-profit sector. 

28 per cent are turning to friends and family for information on the latest smart home products and one in ten (9 per cent) are reading up on the latest reviews and recommendations in tech magazines.

Readly has over 7,000 titles on its platform including many tech magazines and in-depth articles to stay informed on the latest tech and smart home developments.


Picture: The use of smart home technology is on the rise.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
17th January 2024


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