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Smart security products represent a massive opportunity for installers to upsell to tech savvy consumers and to increase profit margins, writes Mike Derham about the simple to install Avia Secure family of smart hardware.

That’s because smart enabled products are now present in almost every home. The concept of using voice commands to operate lights, heating, music and TV is no longer the realm of science fiction and it seems perfectly natural to ask our invisible personal assistants, ‘Siri’ and ‘Alexa’, to find out what the weather is going to be like this afternoon or to play our favourite music.

In fact, the first face to face contact for many installers with homeowner customers these days, could very well be preceded by talking into a smart enabled doorbell camera.


Open to extending the network

So, it’s easy to see the extent to which smart technology is now a part of our everyday lives and also how consumers are more receptive than ever to extending their smart home ecosystems to include smart locks and sensors for windows and doors.



Yet despite the increased development of smart security products in the industry, there are still a few things that could prevent installers from taking full advantage of growing demand.

Firstly, homeowners need to fully trust that smart locks and sensors are fit for purpose. Many will need to be convinced that a smart lock is as secure as a traditional, mechanical one, before they can be sold on all the advantages that a smart system will bring.

Secondly, consumers are more likely to embrace a one-off payment, over a product that requires committing to a long-term subscription. Research has shown that one third of consumers who signed up for a subscription service cancelled in less than three months and over half cancelled within six.


Easy fit

And thirdly, the products have to be easy to fit and retrofittable. There is much less incentive for installers to promote smart security systems that are pre-installed as some of the profit goes elsewhere, however, they also don’t want to lose valuable time on site by getting bogged down with products that may require an electrician.


Avia Secure

The Avia Secure family of products, which includes a smart lock, window & door sensors, a casement handle, motion sensor and smart plug, has been developed to offer solutions to all three of these potential snags.

In the first instance it offers a class leading combination of smart and mechanical security. The Avia Secure multi-point lock, for example, won ‘Smart Lock Product of the Year’ at the internationally recognised Internet Of Things (IoT) Breakthrough Awards Program. It’s packed full of advanced, smart features but it also has PAS 24:2016 approval and can be operated via a manual key if required.

Similarly, the Avia Secure casement handle meets the requirements for Secured By Design.

The Avia Secure smart socket is also BSI approved.

Importantly, all the Avia Secure products are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and can be easily set up with an Apple device. That means they’re very user friendly to existing Apple customers but they also offer the reassurance of the Apple operating system – arguably the most secure in the world.


No wiring

They’re not only to easy to operate, but all our Avia Secure products are designed to be quick and easy to install. They’re battery operated, so no need to hard wire them and even for someone with basic DIY skills, they can be fitted in minutes.

They can also be sold as a complete home security package or as individual items, which allows installers to ‘fine tune’ a quote and introduce even more opportunity to add value to a sale.



There’s the option of the aforementioned Avia smart lock, which works with the majority of handle operated, multipoint locking doors and can be operated locally via Bluetooth or via cloud technology; then there’s the SBD approved smart casement handle – which is available in a range of finishes – and the smart sash fastener and sensors that allow homeowners to check the status of their windows and doors remotely.


Smart socket

Our BSI smart socket introduces the option for energy monitoring and remote scheduling.

Avia Secure motion sensor can detect and deter potential intruders from up to 10m away.


Fit and forget

Crucially, Avia Secure products are ‘fit and forget’, so there’s no need to have an awkward conversation about how to cancel a subscription and run the risk of losing the customer.

We’ve worked very hard to develop Avia Secure as a high-tech, class leading smart offer that taps into growing consumer demand for smart security solutions – one that’s easy to sell and a doddle to fit.

For installers, it’s a win-win.


Picture: The Avia smart lock works with the majority of handle operated, multipoint locks and can be operated locally via Bluetooth or via cloud technology.

Article written by Mike Derham
11th September 2023


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