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Profinder Media Limited

Registered Address & Company Registration

Alex House, 260-268 Chapel Street, Salford, Lancashire M3 5JZ. Registration No: 08051779. VAT Registration No: GB264516304.

Administration & Editorial Office For The Installer

The Studio, 47 Hillside, WD6 1HQ

Cathryn Ellis

T. +44 (0)7807 374932

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Brian Shillibeer

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Administration & Editorial Office For The Fabricator

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Advertisement Sales

Steve Anthony

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About Profinder Media Limited

Profinder Media Limited has a heritage that spans over 40 years of publishing magazines in the trade and business to business sector with a particular emphasis on those serving the glass, window and home improvement markets from both a fabrication and installation perspective.

It will be no surprise to find that our current offerings are The Fabricator and The Installer.

The principals of the company John Roper, Brian Shillibeer, Steve Anthony, Mehreen Haroon-Ali and Catrhyn Ellis have years of experience behind them -  45 years for Roper; 35 for Shillibeer; 25 for Anthony and 20 each for Haroon-Ali and Ellis.

That's 145 years (at 2020) between them and still counting.

With a small but loyal backroom team, we are not far off the 200 year mark in knowledge of the professional publishing environment.


We believe the best way to ensure engagement with our advertiser customers is to be committed to our readerships - ensuring they are presented with quality, relevant editorial no matter which of our four current channels they are accessing.

Profinder Media still holds the largest database of installers and fabricators in the market and we work with our other data partners to ensure we get our messages - and our advertisers' messages - to the right people at the right time.


Under the stewardship of Profinder Media, The Installer magazine and The Fabricator magazine have built reputations that are second to none for quality, reliability and value for money.


The Installer and The Fabricator's websites both act as independent media channels - they are supportive of the magazines but are not duplicates of the magazines. Each has a life of its own with a mission to generate news and business insights whilst also focusing on the market perspectives that are relevant to their respective readerships.


Between our print, email and online channels, The Fabricator reaches named individuals in 5,800 operations with larger fabricators or IGU manufacturers receiving multiples, bringing the total reach to  8,760.  The Installer reaches 11,600 named individuals.

The backend of our sophisticated website systems also include a whole range of keywords and tags to make them more visible to social media and search engines, while our social media operations not only extend our reach further but also ensure our online channels are accessed again and again on a daily basis - be that on a desktop, tablet or via our fully optimised for mobile offering.

There are a variety of ways to engage with Profinder Media's highly influential audience.

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In matters of invoicing for advertising or services supplied by Profinder Media Limited please do not send any payments directly as the debt represented by any invoice  has been purchased by and assigned to Ultimate Finance Ltd and is to be paid to:

Ultimate Finance Ltd First Floor, Equinox North, Great Park Road, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 4QL

T: 01454 207 050.

Ultimate Finance Ltd bank details are:

Ultimate Finance Ltd Sort Code: 30-15-99Account No: 12322868

Ultimate Finance Ltd alone can give you a valid discharge of any invoice debt.