Get Smart With Q-Smart

Smart handle

Hardware supplier VBH has added the Q-Smart electronic smart handle to its range of window and door hardware and furniture.

It is a keyless product which gives the homeowner three methods of gaining access. The first is a proximity fob that communicates with a reader built into the handle unit, the second is via the Blusafe App that allows the user to use their mobile phone as a key and the third is finger print recognition. The large reader pad is concealed under a hinged tab to keep it dry.

The App enables the main user to send permanent or temporary timed keys to people’s phones. VBH say that this eliminates any need to lose control of physical keys by leaving them with neighbours or in a ‘safe’ place’. The App has the added benefit of keeping a log of operations, thus providing visitor management records


 “Everyone who has seen Q-Smart has been very positive and they all remark on the fact that, by having no less than three means of operation, every member of the family’s personal preference should be covered.”

– Dan Powell 

Head of Sales, VBH


No mains wiring

No mains wiring is required as Q-Smart is battery powered. The handle warns when the batteries start to run low but if the user does allow them to go flat, enough temporary power can be provided by plugging in a micro USB power source. VBH supply one with each unit.

VBH's Powell concludes: “Q-Smart is a great way for fabricators and installers to get new business and more profit by offering a simple step onto the smart ladder.

“From a fabrication and installation point of view Q-Smart is very simple to fit and from the salesperson’s perspective it’s easy to sell. This is due to its compact size, its choice of colours and the fact that it is feature-packed but simple for the end user to understand and use.”



Q-Smart is fully tested at BSI and certified to ETSI TS103 645 (CYBER; Cyber Security for Consumer Internet of Things).


Picture: greenteQ Q-Smart Handle

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
04th February 2021


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