Ultion Bolt Bolted On To Composite Door Range

National trade fabricator Sternfenster now supplies the new multi-point Ultion Bolt lock as standard across its full PAS24-certified composite door range.

The bolt improves security, reduces callbacks and offers further upsell opportunities, claims the company.

“Security remains the most important feature of an entrance door, so it makes sense that we offer our customers the most secure door possible, creating a key point of differentiation,” says Sternfenster’s sales director Nathan Court. “We’ve worked closely with Ultion to bring this to market and all our doors now meet PAS24 requirements.”


Allows for movement

A key feature of the new Ultion Bolt is that all lock bolts work independently to each other, so the composite door slab will continue to lock securely even if it moves slightly in the frame over time.

The lock can also be engaged without lifting the handle, while rollers in the lock keep provide a perfect seal, even if the door isn’t shut properly. This means that on doors with a bar handle or escutcheon, a home is fully secured even if the homeowner leaves a property in a hurry.

“These features will dramatically reduce the number of callbacks to properties where the door has shifted slightly in the frame,” says Court. “Often, it is when the homeowner has difficulty engaging the locks that prompts a call to the installer. Having a lock that engages automatically and seamlessly will result in more secure properties, happier homeowners and more money in your pocket.”

The lock can also be paired with the Ultion Nuki plus smart lock, creating further upsell opportunities for window and door companies.



Picture: An Ultion bolt is fitted as standard across Sternfenster’s composite door range.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
07th November 2023


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