Truframe Helps Mila Develop Heritage Range

Pair of espagnolette handles

TruFrame made a significant contribution to the design and development of Mila’s new range of Heritage Espagnolette handles and has become one of the first customers to start fitting them on flush sash windows.

TruFrame worked closely with Mila’s design team to give a fabricator’s perspective on how the perfect heritage espag handle would look and function.

Stand-out features include a proper push-button key locking mechanism, a simple push-fit screw cover cap with faux clocked screw detail for authentic styling and a rosette key design.


 “This is the perfect example of what can be achieved when suppliers and fabricators work in close partnership. TruFrame has a new selling point, which can help its customers win more business, while Mila has a product with widespread fabricator appeal.”

– Patrick Firmager 

Project Director, TruFrame


Less prone to mechanical failure

“During this project, we were able to leverage our own experience in the factory and our customers’ direct feedback to ensure that we could design out all the issues present in our existing range of heritage window handles from a different supplier," continues Truframe's Firmager. "We knew we could help make this range from Mila more attractive, easier to fit and much less prone to mechanical failure."



Firmager adds: “Being able to touch and hold physical prototypes at the various design stages gave that all important sense of how the handles would feel, whilst seeing and being able to provide feedback on the planned range of finishes was super important. We’re particularly pleased with the new pewter patina finish which looks great on both the pear drop and monkey tail versions. We’re already fitting the handles on both our standard flush sash windows and our premium range of Refine double-rebated flush sash windows.

“This was a really fun project to be a part of. Not only did we get the opportunity to influence the overall design language but I genuinely believe that working collaboratively has resulted in a better finished product.”



Monkey tail and pear drop espag handles are available in both left and right-handed options, and there is also a fully suited range of peg stays and faux butt hinges to complete the overall look. The entire range comes in nine classic and modern finishes, including textured black and textured pewter, matt black, white, polished chrome, polished gold, satin chrome, pewter patina and antique bronze.

The espag handles have been independently tested to PAS24: 2016 and are Secured by Design accredited. As buyers would expect from Mila, they also come with a 10-year guarantee on both finish and performance.

Picture: Mila's new Heritage espag handles.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
21st January 2021


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