Window & Door Installers – The Last Of Us Line In Zombie Defence

Its unofficial! Windows and doors would play an essential role in protecting homeowners in the event of a zombie apocalypse according to MyJobQuote’s security expert, Alison Peckham, who advises on the cost of a full anti-zombie home makeover – and it seems there is good money to make if you don’t mind working whilst avoiding flesh eaters.

Peckham has been inspired by watching The Last of Us – the TV series based on a 2013 PlayStation game. Season 1 recently finished. Season 2 is not yet in production.

The dystopian drama sees a fungus infection turning humans into zombies and those who have not fallen victim to the infection are living in strict quarantined zones.

Peckham writes: there are many ways in which you could protect your home from a zombie apocalypse, such as upgrading your external doors, installing tempered glass windows and fitting a security camera system.


Upgrade your external doors

Reinforced composite doors are the perfect choice for helping make sure no zombies come for tea. Composite front doors are extremely safe, secure, durable, and strong. Plus, they last for an average of 30 years or more, so your customers won’t need to be worrying about changing there doors again in the middle of an apocalypse.

In addition, you may want to think about offering an upgrade on front door locks.

The average cost of fitting a composite front door is £500-£2000. The average cost of upgrading the locks on a front door is £100-£200


Tempered glass windows

Tempered or toughened glass can withstand a range of things from rapid temperature changes to physical stress. If your customers want to feel as safe as possible in their homes, tempered glass windows are a must. This type of glass is known to be around four or five times stronger than regular glass. The cost of installing new tempered glass windows will vary, depending on the size of the home and the number of windows required.

 The cost of installing tempered glass windows on an average-sized home is £4,000- £6,000


Security camera system

One of the most important things norms need to do during a zombie apocalypse is constantly be on high alert. People need to know when there are zombies in close proximity to be fully prepared in case of an attack. Set up an outdoor camera security system that is fully weatherproof and features night vision so users can keep watch around their home at all times.

 The average cost of installing an outdoor camera security system is £500-£1,000.


Exterior lighting

Outdoor lighting can be used to illuminate the zombie intruders without giving a location the same way shining a torch out of the window would. Motion activated lights are perfect for a zombie apocalypse. The sudden bright light is enough to scare away anything.

The average cost of installing exterior lighting is £100-£500


Install a Panic Room

Although the most expensive option on the list, a panic room is the ultimate safety precaution for a zombie apocalypse. A panic room consists of a small, hidden bulletproof room in the home where the family can hide in case of an intrusion. Interestingly, the demand for panic rooms has been soaring over the past few years for wealthy homes in London, with many new-build homes in the area having these rooms added into the initial designs at the request of the buyer.

The average cost of installing a panic room is £100,000-£500,000.


Picture: Protecting homes from a zombie apocalypse could be profitable…even if it might be a little dangerous during the apocalypse.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
23rd March 2023


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