Keystone’s Cornerstone Of Consumer Research

Today, 1 February, sees Keystone Market Research launch a groundbreaking new quarterly UK consumer fenestration trends report. It is sponsored by Epwin Window Systems in the expectation it will become the cornerstone of such insights.

Keystone Market Research (KMR) is a research consultancy specialising in fenestration. The company’s initiative aims to deliver essential insights for strategic decision-making – making pounds spent count.

The inaugural report explores a wide-ranging selection of topics, including consumer preferences on window, door, and extension roof glazing styles, frame materials and purchase priorities. It also looks at the likelihood of the purchase of fenestration products versus competing home improvement projects such as kitchen and bathroom remodels. From this, KMR provides market value forecasts.


Key words

Additionally, it provides critical information to inform marketing decisions, including consumer-friendly product terminology and the sources homeowners turn to for information on available products, providing actionable insights for businesses.

Gerald Allen, head of marketing at Epwin Window Systems, says it is important to provide installers and fabricators with enhanced market understanding: "In an environment where every lead is crucial, empowering installers and fabricators with the knowledge to align their offerings with current consumer trends is essential.

“We commissioned Keystone Market Research to undertake a consumer research project for us last which delivered valuable data to shape future decisions. We could see the huge benefit and insight that this would bring to companies throughout the industry and we're happy to be supporting the launch of this service.”

Charlotte Hawkes, the founder and director of KMR says: "While it’s important to discuss and monitor market development and trends within the industry, this is often based on historical data and supposition. To accurately track which product styles are likely to be popular in the future, the primary focus must remain on understanding the preferences and priorities of the group that are actually going to define what becomes successful for the market – the end consumer.

“Our new report seeks to provide insights that enable businesses to stay attuned to consumer demands and adapt their strategies accordingly, for more accurate lead nurturing today and investment in the right areas for tomorrow.”


Ask your own questions

From the Spring issue there will also be an option introduced, enabling companies to submit their own questions. There is also the possibility of further localisation of the main report data on request to enable installers to personalise offerings based on subtle regional differences or on precise demographics if companies would like support understanding the needs of more targeted audiences.


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Article written by Cathryn Ellis
01st February 2024


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