Broken Plans

With the rise in popularity of broken plan living, a lucrative market has opened, says AJ Hassanali of Direct Trade Windows – and it’s worth planning to exploit the opportunity.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 58% of UK office workers currently operate on a hybrid working model.  With so many working from home, we’ve seen a growing demand for comfortable and functional home office space.

While the idea of open plan living isn’t exactly new, it’s certainly on the rise in today’s post-pandemic society, and has evolved into the concept of ‘broken plan living’ – with a focus on using different floor finishes and changes in level and semi-permanent partitions such as bookcases or internal partitions to create distinct areas for working or relaxing.


AluSpace internal screening

Hassanali says: “At Direct Trade Windows, we manufacture the AluSpace internal screening system from Smart. It works well in both residential and commercial settings. It is quick and easy to install; has a slim design profile; and offers flexibility and low maintenance for the end user. These steel-look partitions also help to create spaces that reduce noise, making it ideal for a home office.

“AluSpace comes with a choice of single and double doors, pivot and sliding options, as well as a range of width, glazing, hinge and furniture options.”


Picture: Are you ready to embrace the surge of broken plan living?

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
22nd March 2024


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