Putting Your Business On The Right Track

Diversification is the way to create new opportunities argues Bohle’s MD Dave Broxton as he highlights the demand for interior glazing that run on very familiar tracks to those most installers will be familiar with.

“Providing your customers what they need might take some agile thinking – but in tricky economic times, it is agile thinking that help you to continue to prosper.

“A key strategy for Bohle in 2023 was targeting the home improvement sector. Without diminishing its links to the glass processing industry, the company saw a significant opportunity supplying window installers with its own glass hardware range, including the MasterTrack FT high-end sliding door system.”


Thought process

Broxton adds: “We could see that the market for windows was going to shrink, leaving installers looking for other opportunities; and of course, if you have homeowners investing in refurbishment projects they are very likely to upgrade other things as well as replacing the windows.

“Making use of light and space has been a big trend sine the pandemic left so many people working from home, it is no surprise out MasterTrack FT sliding door system is in great demand.”


FIT Show

Bohle took this idea to the FIT Show in May 2023 and was rewarded with a significant amount of interest from installers who were, indeed, looking to broaden their offering.


Low threshold

Glass doors can help partition a room or floor very easily. They can be offered with patterned glass, blinds and interlayers. The wide openings that are afforded appeal to homeowners who want light. Low thresholds afford easy accessibility.

Broxton concludes: “Meanwhile, you are selling on convenience and quality, not price, which helps puts you in control of you profit margins.”


Picture: The MasterTrack FT sliding door system.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
16th February 2024


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