Only Rooflights

What sets Whitesales apart from most of the other rooflight and lantern manufacturers that exhibited at FIT is that rooflights are its core business – it doesn’t make or supply anything else.

With 30+ years very successfully supplying the roofing and merchants’ sector and a track record in bespoke commercial rooflights, the Surrey based business has finally turned its attention to the fenestration market.

The message at FIT was ‘if you choose a Whitesales product, you know it’s been designed by experts to be easy to sell and easy to fit and with a level of expert technical support which will help you keep hold of your margins’.



From the Part L compliant proprietary upstand now available with its range of em.glaze contemporary flat rooflights to the brand new SkyVu lantern, Whitesales had plenty to catch the eye of installers on the look-out for products which could offer new sales opportunities.

In fact, the stylish new SkyVu lantern was one of the products chosen to feature in the new installer hub at FIT. The Whitesales team showed just how easy it is to assemble SkyVu single-handedly in no more than 40 minutes and even less for a two-person team.


The demonstration focused on several key design features of SkyVu which make all the difference.


Assembling the ring beam

Just two cleats are required per corner and all the fixing and location holes are predrilled so all you have to do is insert the cleats and draw the sections together with pan head tapping screws.

You fix the siliconed ring beam to the waterproofed upstand using just hex head wood screws and Whitesales supply colour matched caps for a quality looking finish.


Fixing the rafters

The internal cleats are pre-fitted for the ridge and rafter assembly and once these have been fixed with M4 bolts, the whole assembly fits easily into slots machined within the ring beam.

The thermal breaks on the ridge and rafters clip easily into place and you can just use a non-marking rubber mallet to slide the ones on the rafters up for a perfect fit at the ridge.



You can secure the glazing sections safely to the ring beam one at a time - you don’t have to wait until all the sections are in place first. Special channels in the ring beam profile let you click and lock the glazing into place as you go.


Max light

With internal rafters of just 38mm and large expanses of self-cleaning glass, the new Whitesales SkyVu lantern has the sleek minimal aesthetic which homeowners want to bring as much daylight as possible into their homes.

It also comes in both contemporary and traditional styles with multiple pane options in sizes up to 4.5m long - to maximise its sales appeal and ensure that retail buyers can achieve as much wow factor as they want.



It also complies with the new requirements of Part L, achieving U-Values of 1.3W/m2K thanks to the thermally broken hip beams and incorporates high integrity seals to ensure optimum weather performance tested to beyond BS6375.


Where do I get it?

It is available from stock via merchants and fabricators across the UK, with short lead times of just three to five days for standard sizes and colours.


Picture: At the FIT Show, the Whitesales team showed just how easy it is to assemble SkyVu single-handedly in no more than 40 minutes and even less for a two-person team.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
10th August 2023


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