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With more people working from home, the desire for more space is on the rise – and garden rooms with thermally efficient windows and glazed doors are in hot demand.

They can be the office; or they can be the leisure space homeowners escape to; or they can incorporate a bit of both – but according to recent research, a remarkable 16% of homeowners are eager to embrace the benefits of a garden room.

A garden room adds significant value to properties as well, with the average increase being 12%. In this article, we explore why homeowners should consider installing a garden room and how UK Doors Online doors can elevate the investment return to even greater than that 12%.


The garden room revolution

One of the most attractive features of garden rooms is how they facilitate the seamless blending of indoor and outdoor living, achieved through the use of smooth and easy-to-operate bi-folding doors, French doors or sliding patio doors. These doors not only provide access to the garden but also fill the interior with natural light, creating an inviting and refreshing atmosphere.


Weather-resistant comfort

Garden rooms are incredibly versatile additions that are suitable for all seasons, provided they are properly insulated – and energy-efficient doors and windows obviously play a big part in this both in keeping out the chill of autumn and winter and the heat of spring and summer.

One of the standout features of UK Doors Online doors is energy efficiency, with U-values starting at 1.4W/m2k.

UK Doors Online doors are crafted from aluminium which not only provides durability but also resistance to weathering. Additionally, their robust construction offers solid security performance to provide homeowners with the peace of mind that although their garden room is divorced from the main property, it will resist attempts to break into it.


Easy install

Installers want easy to install products – and their clients don’t want to be calling their installer back to correct faults. UK Doors Online says it is currently recording a non-conformity rate of just 1% on all of its installs, while in June of 2023, it had no callbacks or site visits to fix any faults what-so-ever - saving installers valuable time and money.


Integrated blinds

For added convenience and customisation, UK Doors Online offers the option for integrated blinds on French doors, single glazed doors, sliding patio doors and bi-fold doors. These not only provide an extra layer of privacy but also serve as effective cooling elements during warmer weather.



The growing demand for garden rooms is a testament to their transformative impact on modern homes. With the ability to increase property value by an average of 12%, these versatile spaces offer a myriad of possibilities for homeowners seeking to expand their living spaces and adapt to the evolving demands of remote work. Installers can provide the complete install of garden rooms or stick to the bit they are most familiar with – the installation of quality doors and windows and make good margins whichever route they take.


Pictures: When it comes to garden rooms, there is plenty of opportunity for installers to complete the full project or just install the windows and bi-fold doors.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
07th November 2023


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