Sliding Doors – One In, One Out

AluK is continuing its ambitious new product development programme with the launch of a new inline sliding door system to replace its BSC94 slider.

The new AluK S140 has been developed in close consultation with customers, so delivers on all the key areas which matter most to both fabricators and installers from ease of fabrication and minimal stockholding to slim sightlines and easy compliance with part L of the building regulations.

The new door uses fewer profiles than the BSC94 and is available in both dual and triple track options, with a two-part triple track profile which is said to be easy to fabricate and install.


Flush frame

The S140 also offers improved aesthetics over the BSC94, with a flush frame to sash sightline. Externally, the sightline dimensions are almost identical, making sure end users still get the sense of more glass and less frame which is such a key driver in sliding door purchases.



When it comes to part L compliance, AluK’s new door system features enhanced thermal insulation and a triple glazing option so that it can easily meet the updated U-Value requirements for both new build and refurbishment. Double glazed, it achieves a U-Value of 1.3 W/m2K and when triple glazed, that is reduced to 1.1 W/m2K. It also achieves a DER rating of A or B.


Smooth flow

New, adjustable and self-levelling rollers, engineered with a new low friction polymer, make the S140 easy to operate. Cycle tested up to 100,000 times, they also leave the customer with a reassuringly smooth, easy to operate door for years to come. There are three-wheel and five-wheel rollers available depending on the weight of the sash and just two are required per sash, minimising fabrication and installation time. An added benefit is that no CNC machining is required for the rollers.


Customer involvement

When the S140 system was previewed to customers last year, they were given the opportunity to give feedback and engage with the final stages of the development process. Michael Williams, AluK’s MD, dsyd: “This was part of our commitment to partnering with our customers so that we deliver the products and support packages that will benefit them the most in these challenging market conditions.”

He adds: “We said last year that we would deliver a fully compliant part L offering with both U-Value and WER/DER simulations so our customers could win new business in both commercial and retail markets – and that’s exactly what we have done.”


Picture: The new Doc L compliant sliding door from AluK


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
23rd August 2023


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