Quik Clip Better

AluK’s tried and tested BSF70 bi-fold now comes with a brand new clip-in bead option.

The AluK Quik Clip bead takes just seconds to fit securely into place, with no need for force or special tools.

A key benefit in terms of installation is that Quik Clip works with a sliding gasket which can be fitted either by the fabricator in the factory or the installer out on site. If the glass is out of tolerance, there is flexibility to replace the sliding gasket with a standard wedge gasket, without needing to change the Quik Clip bead. It clips out just as easily as it clips in and there is no risk of damage to the glass.


Quick fit

Russell Yates, AluK’s managing director, says it will save time and hassle for customers: “This new bead is a fool-proof design which redefines simplicity in bi-fold installations. I think the time that fabricators and installers will be able to save on every single BSF70 they make or fit will surprise even the most experienced teams.

“We’ve already had great feedback during the development and testing stage, so we plan to roll out the Quik Clip bead option to many of our other systems over the coming months.”


New launches

Yates adds: “Our focus is on delivering products and services which make our customers’ lives easier – whether that’s a clever innovation such as this clip-in bead or operational OTIF scores which mean they never have to worry about a delivery again.

“We’re full steam ahead now with an exciting new product development programme and we have more new fabricator-friendly features to announce soon for the BSF70, as well as completely new sliding and Heritage doors.”


Picture: AluK has developed the new Quik Clip bead for bi-folds.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
28th March 2024


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