Collection Conceals The Coyote Ugly

The Residence Collection now comes with a concealed trickle vent cover to hide, what many consider to be the coyote ugly, vents from view.

The cover also acts as a head drip to divert water away from windows.

Since June 2022, Part F of the building regulations were changed so that any windows that are installed must comply ventilation requirements. In most cases it has been deemed that trickle vents will be positioned in the upper frame of a window or door.

Not everyone agrees vents are necessary – but almost everyone agrees they are at best, unsightly.

The concealed trickle vents are specifically designed to fit with The Residence Collection’s R9, R7, R2 window collections. The aluminium cover is available in a range of finishes to match the window’s main profile, including powder coated and foil finish, to ensure they are as hidden and concealed as possible.



The concealed trickle vent cover (patent pending number GB2305143.6 and design pending GB6274085, GB6274086, GB6274087, 6274088) will be available to all fabricators and installers of The Residence Collection.

Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director at The Residence Collection, says: “We’re all very excited about the launch of our new concealed trickle vent cover that complements our systems and will be of real benefit to our customers. New legislation states that any newly installed windows must have trickle vents to ensure that each home receives adequate ventilation and we’re pleased that any windows from our collections have the option of a fantastic product that will benefit them, keeping the trickle vent concealed and the aesthetics of the windows uncompromised.”


Picture: The Residence Collection has launched a new concealed trickle vent product.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
11th May 2023


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