IGUs: Putting A Hole In The Middle Will Make A Mint

Swisspacer and Ublo have co-operated on a new system for natural room ventilation. Intended principally for office and commercial space it can also be used in domestic living spaces according to a spokesman. He also says they expect to make a mint.

Integrated directly into the window’s or façade's insulating glass, Ublo’s round ventilation module ensures efficient air circulation at all times and also offers numerous advantages in terms of air quality control and comfort, claims the company. Swisspacer supplied the warm edge spacer bars for the launch of the product in Hong Kong and South Korea. It is now also available in Europe.

The product consists of a round polycarbonate module with an opening of 150mm which fits in a corresponding hole in single glazing or in double or triple glazed units.

Depending on requirements, the ventilation modules can be installed either in the top or bottom part of the glass to ensure air circulation.


 “Currently and in future, we see great potential for our ventilation system in Europe and are already in negotiations with different partners from the glass industry.”

– Naree Kim, Managing director, Ublo. 

Naree Kim, Managing director, Ublo.


Decorative finishes

Kim says that the round ‘cap’ can be made transparent or in a variety of materials – for example wood, metal or cork. It is also possible to integrate decorative elements, digital print designs or additional features such as a Bluetooth speaker or a lighting element.


Energy efficiency

Swisspacer’s Ultimate brand of energy efficient warm edge spacer bars also play an important role. Thus far it has been installed in the edge seal of the ventilation unit as well as in the IGUs. Ultimate is also resistant to the soar gain that the IBUs are likely to be exposed to in high-rise commercial office buildings.

Picture: Ublo and Swisspacer have collaborated on a new ventilation system which is inserted directly into a building’s IGUs.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
21st November 2022


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