New White Paper: Part L – One Year On

A new study looking at the changes and challenges resulting from the update to Part L of the building regulations to improve the thermal efficiency of windows and doors has been sponsored by Reynaers Aluminium.

Written and hosted by Architects’ Datafile, the whitepaper, entitled ‘A Year On: Progress on Parts L, F and O’ looks at how architects and specifiers perceive the legislation and the impact it has had on their projects to date.

The research takes a close look at data gained from a survey of architects on the latest updates to Part L, Part O and Part F, as well as readers’ views on changes to specification for building fabric and what solutions they were specifying to meet that.

A key aim of the research was to draw out common industry issues and identify where challenges lay in meeting the updated legislation.


A new era

The survey that was used in the white paper saw a series of questions from a previous study – ‘A New Era of Building Efficiency’ – asked to allow a direct comparison of how the industry felt about meeting the requirements of the legislation compared to a year ago.

Introduced to make homes more thermally efficient, the regulations also ensure overheating does not become an issue and that adequate ventilation is in place.



While the need to cut the carbon footprint of the built environment is widely acknowledged, it is also accepted that the implementation of the changes has presented challenges across the construction industry.

Richard Jekiel, the national consult manager at Reynaers Aluminium, says: “The implementation of Part L has certainly been a challenge for the industry, particularly ensuring that balance between creating the products that architects and end users want to see but also ensuring we play our part in helping to cut carbon emissions by creating thermally efficient doors, windows and curtain walling.

“I think we are at the position where this is well understood, however further challenges and uncertainty remain as the industry waits to see the exact requirements of the Future Homes Standard and the Future Building Standard.

“The research is particularly insightful in helping to benchmark how confident people feel about meeting the regulations – but also identifying what the main hurdles have been in meeting the requirements of Part L. Reynaers aims to make life as easy as possible for its customers and will take on board key concerns in our own operation to further enhance the service that we offer.”


To discover more about how architects feel about the implementation of Parts L, F and O, download 'A Year On: Progress on Parts L, F and O’ now.

Picture: Reynaers has sponsored a new white paper looking at progress and challenges in meeting Part L.

Article written by Brian Shillibeer
20th June 2024


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