Retrofit Hub Creates Greener Homes Hubbub

Construction industry organisations have joined forces to create a new National Retrofit Hub to help propel retrofit rollout in the UK’s existing homes.

The initiative, launched at the Building Centre in central London on 1 March, is a response from industry to the growing need to make the UK’s building stock greener and more energy efficient.

The National Retrofit Hub is backed by over 40 organisations including Innovate UK, TrustMark, Sustainable Development Foundation, UK Green Building Council and the Federation of Master Builders.


 “The UK has the oldest and leakiest housing stock in Europe. The current energy crisis has shown that most of our existing homes are very expensive to heat because they are poorly insulated.”

– Lynne Sullivan 

Chair, National Retrofit Hub


Urgent to retrofit

“There is now an urgent need to reduce energy consumption and the most effective way to do this is to make our existing homes more energy efficient by ensuring they are retrofitted to a standard suitable for low carbon heating systems,” says Sullivan. “The creation of the National Retrofit Hub is a means to bring clarity to those who work in the retrofit sector by signposting and sharing best practice to speed up the roll out of greener homes. Creating the Hub will cement links with the finance community and the skills providers to enable locally based delivery programmes to be scaled up and deliver significant economic and social benefits.”


Picture: A new National Retrofit Hub to propel greener homes will see an array of associations and industry bodies working together.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
09th March 2023


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