Raising Their Visors - Knights Of The Industry Show Their Mettle

Liniar is supporting frontline services by producing PPE

Another PVC-U systems company has done the industry proud by turning its talents to producing protective face visors for front line workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Liniar's extrusion facility is temporarily closed and most of the workforce furloughed. However, a skeleton team working from home found discussions turning to ways in which the company could help.


 “Social media had told us NHS staff, care workers, nursing homes and many others were in desperate need of PPE and Liniar had a 3D printer sitting in a now empty office in Derbyshire.”

– Chris Armes 

Design & Development Director, Liniar


Final design

"The design team began to trial designs for a 3D printed visor, made up of a medical-grade headband and a simple A4 acetate sheet which would be slotted in. The final design chosen was ergonomic, comfortable for the user to wear and would allow a full range of movement whilst fitting over the top of masks and glasses," continues Armes.


Ramping up production

The design team volunteered to take turns working in 4-hour shifts, day and night, to man the printer whilst it slowly churned out the visors. In the meantime, discussions were taking place about procuring an injection moulding tool, which would enable the team to mass-produce the visors for as long as they are needed.

Once costed, Liniar immediately authorised the £20,000 investment, the tool was ordered and a production, packing and logistics process was put into place to distribute the visors to those contacting Liniar.  Furloughed employees volunteered to come into a carefully planned, socially distanced environment at Liniar House in order to make this happen.


Entirely free

Liniar’s protective visors are being provided free of charge to front line and key workers. Customers or others wishing to purchase visors for their own operations will be charged cost price, plus a small donation equivalent to Liniar’s donation to enable the company to continue to supply FOC.

Armes says: “Once we saw the need out there, we immediately started looking for ways we could help our key workers. With a workforce of more than 500, many of our employees have relatives working for the NHS, in care homes and on the front line and we wanted to support them in the first instance.

“It feels great to be part of such a proactive company – as soon as I highlighted the fact we could massively increase production by ordering a new tool, the expenditure was authorised. Our flat structure and constant communication meant we could put everything in place as swiftly as possible in order to be up and running with minimal delays.

“I’d also like to thank everyone who’s giving up their time to make such a positive difference  to those who need it most at this critical time – we’re all proud of you!”


Full production

Full production of up to 3,000 visors per day should commence on 27 April. Anyone who needs protective visors or those wishing to help with distribution should email info@liniar.co.uk.

Picture: Liniar is supporting frontline services by producing PPE and by charging a small fee to others who need protective visors (and passing those fees on to the NHS) it means a much wider group are effectively supporting and joining in.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
22nd April 2020


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