Modplan Donates Its Stock Of PPE To Local Doctors’ Surgery

Modplan has sent a stock of PPE to a local surgery.

Trade fabricator Modplan has donated its stock of personal protective equipment (PPE) to its local doctors’ surgery to help protect NHS staff as they tackle the Covid-19 outbreak.

Heidi Sachs from Modplan, said: “All our manufacturing facilities and paint plant are temporarily shut to protect our workers and their families in line with government guidance. As such, we had PPE stock that we weren’t using and we knew the NHS could make use of it at this critical time.”

The stock of items donated by Modplan includes full protective body suits, masks, goggles, gloves, hand sanitiser, disinfectant, paper rolls and toilet paper. They will be used to enable the surgery to carry out face-to-face consultations safely.

Sachs continued: “Like everyone in the country, here at Modplan we are grateful for the amazing work all NHS staff and frontline carers are doing. I’m pleased we were able to do something to support their efforts. They are the heroes of this crisis and this small gesture from Modplan was the very least we could do.”

Picture: Modplan has sent a stock of PPE to a local surgery.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
12th April 2020


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