Going, Going - Job Losses Expected At Veka

Dave Jones, MDr, Veka plc

Veka, the window systems company, has announced that it expects jobs to be lost as the company launches a consultation process.

In March the firm temporarily closed operations in the UK and placed most of its staff on Furlough due to Covid-19. Having reopened on 11 May, albeit in a controlled and scaled manner to fulfil a returning demand from customers, it has become clear the business is not going to bounce-back to pre-pandemic levels. A Veka UK statement says: 'Action must be taken to rescale the business in light of significantly reduced sales'.


 “Veka plc has taken a number of actions over the past months to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 from arranging financial support to putting all non-essential spend on indefinite hold. However, upon our return on the 11th May and speaking with our customer base over recent weeks, we have identified some significant customer losses - one of whom went into administration just last week which will have a substantial impact on our business.”

– Dave Jones 

Managing Director, Veka plc


Redundancy consultations

"Veka plc started the process on Monday 15 June, initially looking to establish an employee elected committee responsible for taking group redundancy consultations and from there Veka plc will follow the process as set out by relevant employment law rules & regulations," continued Veka's Jones.

“Having taken all available options to us to ensure our business remains sustainable, we are now forced to take more prudent approach to all company expenditure and to review the resource requirements in light of this predicted drop in sales. That said, at this stage we cannot confirm exact numbers of potential redundancies, however we will continue to monitor situation on a daily basis throughout the process."


Bad year

Jones added: "This is not the year we, the board of directors, had planned for Veka plc in 2020 and we are disappointed that Covid-19 has had such an impact on our economy, industry and business despite the strong support packages from the government and saddened that this will ultimately result in losing valued employees.”

Picture: Dave Jones, MD Veka plc.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
16th June 2020


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