Picture Perfect For Gallery Door

Aspen Home Improvements in Essex has added the Gallery 44 composite door from Listers to its product range and painted a perfect picture with pride of place in the showroom.

Aspen is a long-term Listers’ customer. Its broad product offering means the firm can continue to grow and offer their customers greater choice without seeking new suppliers.


 “Over the last couple of months, we’ve taken on the Gallery 44 composite door from Listers and kitted-out a whole area of our showroom with them. The customers love them, especially the wide choice of colours and hardware options.”

– Alan Murrell 

Managing director, Aspen Home Improvements


Kubu smart lock

“Homeowners are also becoming more tech-savvy and they are showing more interest in the Kubu smart lock, which we also offer through Listers,” continues Aspen’s Murrell. “With Listers, customer service really shows. They understand the urgency with getting jobs completed on time and to a high standard, so if there are any problems, they get them sorted immediately.”



Aspen Home Improvements typically serves homeowners who are in their late-40s and into retirement, in a 15-mile radius around Billericay in Essex. For them the appeal of standard white PVC casement windows is diminishing and they are looking for statement pieces for their homes, according to Murrell. He adds: “I tell my customers that they shouldn’t waste five grand on ordinary windows - instead, they should invest five grand in their homes with the latest windows and doors.”



New products, such as the Sheerline range from Garnalex, are also winning a lot of new business for Murrel and his team. He says: “Sheerline is stuffed with all the latest technology, which homeowners love – especially the flush-fit sash. And if they want something similar, but in PVC, Listers supplies the Logik S from Eurocell, which has a really modern-looking frame.”

Picture: A red Gallery 44 door from Listers and Aspen Home Improvements.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
18th August 2022


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