Packing-In Triple Glazing

Window triple-glazing packers

As they become increasingly popular, fabricators will be factoring in all the challenges faced when manufacturing triple glazed windows. Installers need to be aware of those challenges and how they and others will affect the projects they will be working on.

One of the main issues with triple glazing is the additional weight (approximately 50%) of the sealed unit caused by an extra pane of glass. The extra weight has an impact in the manufacturing process and also in transit and installation of the window.

To ensure the weight of the IGU is supported and handled carefully during window installation, the right flat packers are vitally important to avoid product damage and also for employee safety.



When manufacturing a triple-glazed window or door, the extra weight can be best managed by using wide flat packers (often referred to in the standards as setting or location blocks).

Glazpart’s extensive range of colour coded wide flat packers come in sizes from 34mm to 50mm. They are part of a comprehensive range of glazing accessories that includes, frame packers, bridge packers, run-up blocks, glazing shovels and corner protectors.



The flat packers are specifically designed to work with bridge packers to prevent slip to securely pack out the glass in the sash or frame. Applied correctly and within the system, the flat packers support the glazed unit correctly and transfer the weight of the glass to the frame. The bridge packer then allows water droplets from condensation to escape underneath and out through the drain hole covers.

The Glazpart ranges of glazing accessories are designed to all work together for all glazing types both double and triple.

Using Glazpart’s glazing accessories helps fabricators and installers protect windows, doors and glass from damage during fabrication, transit and installation. In addition, for homeowners the glazing accessories range also improves window security, protection and strength when installed correctly to window system manufacturers guidelines with a quality product.


Growing demand

Dean Bradley, Glazpart sales director says: “Our large flat packers are the ideal solution for triple glazing fabricators. We are finding that fabricators are gearing up for the increased demand in triple glazing and as such we are manufacturing more of the larger sizes of flat packers and always keep healthy stock levels to supply demand. The flat packers have been designed to take the extra weight and ensure safety and protection of triple glazed sealed units.”


Picture: Pictures: Glazpart’s flat packers are a cost-effective solution for window and glass packing, precise alignment, security, strength and protection.

Article written by Dean Bradley
16th May 2024


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