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Building on the success of its Silka aluminium-look composite door, Apeer has expanded the Silka brand to include a real slimline aluminium window and lift ‘n slide.

When Apeer introduced its Silka composite door to the industry at the 2019 FIT Show, the response was very positive. Here was an entrance door that delivered all the performance of a composite but looked like it was made from aluminium thanks to a new finish engineered by Apeer – a New World Developments’ brand.

Homeowners looking to upgrade the kerb appeal of their property could now have the best of two worlds – the energy efficiency that comes from composite materials and the good looks of those that are attracted to aluminium…all at a much lower price than might have been expected.

According to the company, demand has been so strong that Silka has now been established as a brand in its own right. And now the door is complimented by a new window range, as well as a lift ‘n slide offer. The twist, is that the new additions to the range are actually made from aluminium, engineered to feature the same textured finish, to create a suite of Silka products.


 “The initial inspiration for Silka was to give homeowners an alternative, more cost-effective way of matching aluminium windows to their front door”

– Asa McGillian 

Managing director, Apeer



“But the response was so strong that we thought, why not develop a window system of our own, one that matches the look and feel of the Silka entrance door,” continues Apeer’s McGillian. “We only introduced it to our retail installers in July this year, yet the feedback we’ve had so far has been absolutely fantastic.”


Design features

Produced in a dedicated area of Apeer’s impressive manufacturing facility, the Silka aluminium window presents a number of design features.

At just 50mm, it offers one of the slimmest sightlines on the market for a double-glazed sash, and according to Apeer, it is also the slimmest to offer triple glazing.

Profile thickness is 66mm and incorporates insulating foam thermal break technology to produce U-values as low as 0.97 W/m2k, well inside the requirements for the latest amendments to Part L that were introduced in the summer.

The selected hardware also ensures excellent security and weather performance.

The lift ‘n slide, which offers U-values of 1.26/m2k, features 5-point locking and heavy-duty rollers designed to handle sash weights of up to 300kg.

Silka windows are Secured by Design accredited and come with a 10-year guarantee.


Max light

The Silka window is sleek, yet it also takes full advantage of the inherent strength of aluminium and can be specified as large as 2.4m x 3m to deliver maximum glass and thus light.



As for colours, that trademark fine-textured Silka finish is being offered as standard in anthracite grey or jet black, with dual colour and marine grade powder coating available as an option. A full palette of RAL colours is also available, with slightly longer lead times.


The right materials

“It might seem unusual to mix and match a product offer with different materials, but for us it’s really just a result of applying the right materials and components for the job in hand,” explains McGillian. “We design our composite doors around a solid foam core, reinforced with steel plates because this gives us the performance we’re looking for.

“We’ve invested significantly in the design and manufacturer of composite doors and we’re currently producing around 3,000 doorsets a month. And we’re also very experienced when it comes to aluminium, thanks to all the work we put in developing our award-winning Lumi product range.”


Compelling offer

McGillian adds: “The Silka aluminium window, which is suitable for both new build and home improvement sectors, has been designed from scratch, so it has the super slim sightlines you would expect from a product that’s targeting the aluminium market but thanks to our design expertise, it also offers great energy efficiency – and at a competitive price.

“Crucially, by matching the finish of the Silka entrance and now lift and slide doors, it gives our installer customers a compelling offer in what is an increasingly competitive marketplace.”


Pictures: Silka garden doors, windows, and entrance doors.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
13th January 2023


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