Service Is The Secret To Success

Ben Brocklesby at Origin, the aluminium windows, garden doors, internal screens and residential door company, discusses the importance of products as well as service for modern installers and how homeowners are now more selective with where they spend their money.

Homeowners are continuing to invest in their glazing for several reasons. Amidst higher energy bills, thermal efficiency is a key concern for many, thus homeowners are opting to upgrade old systems. Origin products use a combination of some of the most sophisticated weathertight seals and thermal breaks on the market to ensure its doors and windows meet and can exceed, modern building regulations.


Good looks sell

Secondary to thermal efficiency, is improving aesthetics and functionality. The Origin Home Range includes several products that help homeowners do this. For example, the Origin bi-fold door is available in two sightline options 72mm (OB-72) and 49mm (OB-49). It is precision-engineered from high-grade aluminium and enables homeowners to create seamless transitions from inside to out.

Similarly, the Origin sliding door is available in four sightline options across two systems. The Artisan Slider (OS-20) has a 20mm sightline, which is sleek yet strong, allowing it to accommodate large expanses of glass and give homeowners panoramic views. The Patio Slider offers a more affordable yet architecturally striking variation on the traditional patio door system and is available in three sightlines: 29mm (OS-29), 44mm (OS-44) and 77mm (OS-77).


Easy quoting

At a time when e-commerce businesses can offer next-day delivery at the click of a button, service is just as important as products to generating and converting leads.

This is why at Origin, our priority is making our installer partners’ lives as easy as possible. So we ensure they don’t struggle with complicated ordering processes, extended lead times or a lack of product availability to ensure they have everything they need for success.

Our ordering and quoting system, Origin Sale Safe (OSS), allows our partners to quote for a project in minutes. Adjustments can be made quickly and easily, with a revised quote immediately available to share with the customer.

In 2023, we have made upgrades to enable Partners to automatically add their margins onto the cost of a project, saving valuable time. With the new functionality, they can quote for even the most intricate projects quickly and easily online.


Lead times

Whilst some manufacturers are working to an average of eight-week lead times, Origin can offer a zero-lead-time service on its most popular systems. This means our Partners never miss an install day and can schedule with confidence.

Our on time and in full delivery promise is possible due to our robust supply chain. Origin’s 55,000sq.ft warehouse facility, known as The Ark, has huge capacity and by stockpiling aluminium profile, we can ensure material shortages never disrupt our manufacturing operations.

A full automated in-house ordering system ensures stock is always available. When an order is placed, the aluminium profile is automatically deducted from stock and reordered. In just one click, Origin’s internal system will generate the work order, supply the line and notify the delivery team. This slick system ensures the risk for human error is minimised and stock is always available for projects.


Going for gold

We further help our Partners by offering a gold level of customer service. This doesn’t just mean product training to ensure our Partners understand best practice on how to install the Origin Home Range, it extends to sales training to help them navigate and guide conversations with potential customers. Alongside this, we supply all the collateral and marketing assistance they need to reach a larger, wider audience. This allows them to generate more leads and in turn, more sales for their business. These are the things that will make a difference to installers in 2023. It’s more than just products.


Final thoughts

Whilst we aren’t certain of what is around the corner, one thing we do know is that the combination of a solid product offering and excellent service is key to succeeding in 2023. As the housing market slows and homeowners consider where their money is best spent, we will continue to offer the best products and service to our Partners to ensure a future for their businesses.


Picture: The Origin Home Range provides excellent thermal efficiency alongside the good looks that homeowners are prepared to invest in.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
04th May 2023


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