Light Work – Home Officers Demand More Sun

A rooflight by FAKRO

A recent poll has shown British post-pandemic ‘less often in the office’ office-workers view light as a really important element for home working wellbeing.

In fact, one in ten of those surveyed listed light among the things they wanted to improve.

The poll, commissioned by Roof Window Outlet, showed that 52 per cent of Brits believed that sunlight shining into their home made them feel happier than any other element.

Women polled most vehemently when it came to their lust for natural light, with 56 per cent citing that sunlight shining into their homes gave them a feeling of true happiness. With the known scientific benefits of natural light and its impact on our mental wellbeing, having access to plenty of natural daylight is an important health factor.

Residents in London were the keenest of having plenty of natural light in their homes, with 89 per cent saying that it provides them with the most happiness at home.

42 per cent of respondents said that their overall wellness, relaxation and happiness levels increased when they had access to sunlight at home. Again, women were more prolific when it came to placing importance on natural light, in relation to their overall wellbeing and ability to relax, with 58 per cent citing it as a vital factor to their health.


Give me light

It is not surprising that 1 in 6 people polled felt that accessing additional light was the most important focus for their home renovations.


 “The survey results show up just how vitally important access to light is for millions of Brits. There is a far better understanding about the role that light plays in our mental and physical wellbeing and these results really shine a spotlight on that.”

– Adam Slade 

Operations director, Roof Window Outlet


Adding value

When it comes to adding value to their homes, 12 per cent of men polled believed that adding natural light through the addition of windows or roof lights, was the most effective to yield a greater return if they renovated.

Access to natural light is creeping up the to-do list for home renovators - keeping company with the traditional home improvement aspirations such as refurbishing the kitchen (23 per cent) or refreshing the paintwork (10 per cent).



Amy, 38, from Shropshire, who underwent brain surgery in November 2021, says having access to plenty of natural light had a positive impact on her health – and on her recuperation. She says: “We spent a lot of time during lockdown in a dark and depressing kitchen – I felt low, tired and really lacking in energy. We renovated and added an extension with beautiful roof lights and folding doors that look out onto the garden and I can honestly say, it has improved my health.”

Picture: A Fakro rooflight and blind system - one of the items in the Rooflight Window Outlet range.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
13th July 2022


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