Lead Times Keep Customers

Euroglaze has been a Liniar fabricator for 10 years.  TheInstaller.pro visited the firm and one of its customers to discuss the importance of good communication and meeting customer needs.

Well known for short lead times, Euroglaze has an average turnaround on standard products of just three and a half days, yet this shouldn’t be mistaken for a business that rushes its work.

In the fenestration industry. sometimes long-term planning isn’t possible meaning a supplier needs to be able to react to customer needs quickly. Euroglaze has perfected the art of speed and efficiency with a consistent flow of repeat customers demonstrating the company’s formula works.


Window Outlet

Trade Window Outlet in Bradford says that buying from Euroglaze rather than its previous supplier has saved around 500 hours a year in chasing up missing items and waiting on stock updates.

The company’s MD Richard Ashton told TheInstaller.pro: “The systems are obviously in place at Euroglaze which mean they can be proactive in telling us when we place an order which items are in stock and when they will be delivered. Orders almost invariably arrive on time and in full. Their efficiency and customer service make it easy to do business with them.”



Experts in flush sash, Euroglaze fabricates both Liniar’s standard flush sash as well as Resurgence double rebate flush sash. Martin Nettleton, MD at Euroglaze says: “We are a trade fabricator selling across the UK. As a business we offer a premium quality product backed by premium service and I am very proud of the reputation my team have built in the industry, particularly when it comes to communication and our strong lead times.

“Our standard lead time is an incredible three and half days. But this has taken work and a Herculean effort from the whole team. Now standard practice, this is only possible through effective communication both with our customers and internally.”


Don’t get bitten

Nettleton continues: “However, if we are not going to be able to hit our self-imposed deadline, we always let our customers know. Our bespoke stock management system notifies us at the point of order if any item is going to be out of stock so our team can advise customers and help them plan for that. We have built excellent relationships with our customers and that is based on transparent communication. There is no point in hiding issues as they will only bite three times harder.”



Euroglaze takes the full Liniar range but Reurgence is a key product for the business. Nettleton says: “Resurgence is such a versatile product. We fabricate with the mechanical joint as it gives a clean finish to windows. Resurgence is our premium offer and we are seeing more and more of our customers using it to give projects the wow factor.”


Building relationships

Nettleton adds: “Liniar’s communication is fantastic. I know what I am getting and if there is going to be any issues, we are given plenty of notice, which means we can manage our own customers’ expectations. It’s no coincidence that Liniar were our top performing supplier throughout the pandemic. They are really focused on customer service and their LiniarConnect system is a great asset when it comes to stock management and ordering.”


The Future

Looking to the future Nettleton concludes: “We know our industry well and will continue to adapt to market conditions. Our customers rely on us to deliver a fast turnaround and we in turn rely on Liniar.

“Our industry is based on good relationships and we’ve had one with Liniar for ten years now and I fully expect to be celebrating another ten years in the 2030s.”


Picture: The Euroglaze factory.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
11th January 2023


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