Kubu Smart Security As Standard

Window and door manufacturer Window Warehouse is now integrating Kubu Smart Security within every PVC-U window and door it makes as standard.

So, what exactly does Kubu Smart Security bring to the table and why is Window Warehouse making it the new standard?

Kubu Smart Security can tell if your windows and doors are open, closed, fully secured or left in vent mode. Homeowners can stay connected by receiving notifications via the Kubu App so they can check if their home is secure anytime, anywhere.

Remi Cake, the operations director at Window Warehouse says: “The decision to incorporate Kubu Smart Security into all PVC-U doors and windows manufactured here reflects our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. We are taking a huge step forward in enhancing the safety and security of residential spaces, providing homeowners unparalleled peace of mind and allowing our trade customers to stand out against competitors.”


Pro Installer

For installers there is no additional work required, as Kubu compatibility is built into the door and window locks. The option to level up as a Pro Installer is available, allowing you to expand your product portfolio, add Kubu Sensors to your quotes, receive product sales training and gain access to Kubu’s extensive marketing support.


Be Sure It's Secure

Mark Bromley, CEO of Kubu Smart says:  “We're excited to be expanding our partnership with Window Warehouse, to help make Smart windows and doors the industry standard. This partnership enhances their offerings with easy-to-install smart solutions, that benefit both installers and homeowners. Our Pro Installer Scheme makes sure that every installer is fully equipped to take full advantage of the benefits that Kubu provides, while giving homeowners the modern solutions they desire and allowing them to 'Be Sure It's Secure.'"


Market confidence

By adopting Kubu Smart Security as standard, Window Warehouse is not only prioritising the safety and security of homeowners but also instilling confidence in their products. Installers can rest assured that they’re getting premium-quality doors and windows equipped with smart security features that meet the demands of modern living.


Picture: Window Warehouse is supplying Kubu Smart as standard.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
13th May 2024


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