Korniche - Making A Name For Itself

Made For Trade, the company behind the Korniche lantern roof, has promoted it so hard, there can be few installers that are unaware of not just the product but the engineering pedigree it holds…but just in case, here is a reminder.

Made For Trade has not just promoted its Korniche roof lantern to installers and extension builders, the company has invested heavily to attend consumer exhibition so that now homeowners request Korniche by name (along with MFT’s Korniche bi-fold door options).

The lantern features ultra-slim profiles that help maximise natural light which is a big selling point to consumers. It also has a number of significant time-saving attributes – a big selling point to installers.

The company stands by the Korniche lantern’s ability to be ‘fitted in minutes and glazed in seconds’ (which The Installer has seen for itself and has produced videos of this in practice.

Behind those narrow sightlines sit a unitary construction, fastening system and glazing components which aid speed of fit and also offer security, weather-tightness and structural integrity.

There are no visible fixings on show and all joints are seamless – this adds to good looks and to security also.

The thermally-broken profiles work alongside other design features to reduce heat transfer and lower heating bills as a result.



Korniche does not rely on self-tapping screw fixings – all holes come pre-drilled and fittings are applied via a torque tool to provide a superior fit to comparable lanterns.

Made For Trade has also invested in aluminium components such as end caps and ridge bosses that have been die cast to match the lantern and thus enabling greater accuracy and tighter tolerances to be achieved to the benefit of the structure



The lantern is strong and stiff and so supports large glass sizes without the need for additional rafters. Glazing the structure is free of tapes and messy sealants.



Made For Trade recently gained ISO9001 certification - based on continually improving and optimising all stages of how the company operates, allowing the company precise repeatability of every aspect of how its products are designed, manufactured and sold.


Picture: The Korniche lantern roof and other Made for Trade aluminum products are so well known, homeowners ask for them by name.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
16th February 2023


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