FENSA Plants Flag On Everest – Anglian Sees Another Angle

With the demise of Everest 2020 Ltd, FENSA has yet again planted its flag of honour in the messy business, declaring that all Everest customers are covered by its Insurance Backed Guarantees. Anglian Home Improvements will fulfil existing Everest orders.

FENSA was notified that Everest 2020 Ltd had gone into administration on 25 April. FENSA immediately suspended Everest 2020 as an Approved Installer.

FENSA then confirmed that any completed installations registered to FENSA by Everest 2020 on or prior to this date will still be issued with a FENSA certificate stating compliance to the building regulations and issued with an Insurance Backed Guarantee – the guarantee will have been issuer by sister GGF Commercial company, Installsure.

FENSA then established protocols to advise worried homeowners what it can do and what other options remain available for those who have paid for work that potentially would not be completed by the defunct company.



Chris Farrington, Cameron Gunn and Lee Manning of ReSolve Advisory Limited were appointed as joint administrators of Everest 2020 Limited (Everest), also on 24 April 2024.

They tried to find a buyer as a going concern but were unable to do so and all staff were made redundant.



ReSolve has now reached an agreement to sell certain assets to Anglian Home Improvements (Anglian) or the trading as ASHI Group Ltd.



While the terms of the agreement are finalised, the administrators have entered a sub-contractor arrangement that will enable existing customer orders to be fulfilled by Anglian where possible.

The interim agreement will enable customers to arrange completion or fulfilment of their orders, including those customers who were mid-way through the installation process, as well as customers who had booked an installation with Everest.



Cameron Gunn says: “Despite our best efforts to secure a sale of the business as a going concern, we were racing against the clock and unfortunately it was not possible. We are now focused on supporting employees during this difficult transition.

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Anglian Home Improvements which gives Everest customers the certainty and peace of mind that their home improvement projects can now be completed.”

Peter Mottershead, executive chairman of Anglian Home Improvements says: “Anglian Home Improvements has agreed with the administrators to support Everest customers in what we know is a very difficult situation and we hope this agreement will go some way towards alleviating the concern and burden on those Everest customers who have been impacted. Our customer service teams will be making contact with customers in the coming days and weeks to discuss the status of each order with the customers and where possible arrange completion of orders, prioritising those who were part-way through the installation process.

“I can also confirm that Anglian Home Improvements will honour the terms of the contract, including the price, that had previously been agreed with each customer.”


Guidance for Customers

Anglian Home Improvements will make contact with all Everest customers in the coming days and weeks to confirm details of their outstanding order, the current status of monies paid, any Finance Agreements and to arrange a visit to discuss the possible completion or fulfilment of the order.

Anglian Home Improvements will prioritise the small group of customers that are already part way through the installation process, thus ensuring all properties are left safe and secure. They will then contact customers who booked an installation.

Customers will not be requested to make payment for their windows prior to installation.



Customers may receive phonecalls from fraudsters. They should always hang-up and call Anglian directly on: 0800 876 6810 or email Everestcustomers@angliangroup.com

Anglian is currently operating Safestyle (and inappropriately using the logos of bodies such as FENSA and TrustMark despite having been asked to remove them form the Safestyle website) as if the firm had never gone out of business and is still a trusted trader.

The Everest website is showing as ‘unsafe’ on most browsers as its security certificate will have expired. It does however, immediately tell customers that the company has gone into administration and provides a link for users to find guidance.


Picture – Everest 2020 is no longer transforming Britain’s homes, although Anglian Home Improvements is doing it for customers of the now-defunct company. With thanks to Google Maps


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
10th May 2024


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