Claystone Connects With Current Colour Trend

Endurance Doors, which already offers customers a choice of 85 door designs in a palette of 19 different shades, is now offering an on-trend claystone colour.

Russell Hensman, group marketing manager says: “We manufacture composite doors with added practical performance features but we also recognise that form is every bit as important as functionality. The introduction of our doors in a new claystone colour reflects that, as well as our wider appreciation of interior and architectural design.”


Colour trends

According to colour experts, including major paint manufacturers, the latest colour trends include basic neutrals, warm shades and vintage inspired hues. These colours are all proving popular due to their ability to make spaces feel welcoming, calming and comforting.

Other en vogue colours include brown, beiges and clay shades. It is said these earthy tones provide a sense of stability and a connection to the natural world. They can add vitality and help make a space feel both cosy and energetic.


Performance features

Endurance Doors uses a profile that’s up to 10% thicker than some other composite doors for greater security and energy efficiency; a more sustainable solid timber core; and a moisture barrier system that prevents water ingression at the foot of the door which can cause it to swell and warp.


First impression

Hensman says: “The impact exterior doors can have on a property’s overall aesthetic and level of kerb appeal cannot be overstated. As the part of a building which provides access to and from the interior, they are a natural focal point with a major role to play in creating a good first impression.

“We want to ensure we can offer customers their perfect composite door for their home.”


Picture: Endurance Doors has embraced the current colour trend for earthy tones with a claystone finish.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
12th July 2023


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