Doorways Are Showing Their Curves

The arched framed doorways that were so popular in the 1930s are back with a bang and on the list of highly desired characteristics of a home, writes Pierre Mifsud, Technical Director at Comp Door.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest home improvement trend and how to recreate it for a customer.

An arched frame is ideal for homeowners looking to renovate and refurbish their period properties, while at the same time preserving the original character and charm.

Options used to be limited to timber and stone constructions to achieve the arched effect, which were costly and difficult to maintain and didn’t possess the security and insulation properties of more modern doors.

However, now the look of a traditional arched framed doorway can be achieved along with the many benefits associated with modern, high-performance composite doors, thanks to bespoke arch shaped PVC-U frames from manufacturers such as Comp Door.


Why choose an arched framed composite door?

The beauty of a shaped frame with composite door insert is that it not only creates an eye-catching focal point to the front of a home, it brings extra light into a hallway through glazed side panels and a top light – and of course, has the insulation and security benefits of a modern composite door.


New homes too

The bespoke arch of the top frame can follow original brickwork arches that are typical of period properties. The trend is also catching on in new developments and home extensions, where arched framed doors are being used to give the impression of more space and natural light An arched entrance also works very well and is typical feature on porchways. They can be used to complement or contrast with existing windows and doors.


Comp Door

Despite being relatively new to the market, Comp Door has already developed an arch framed option to complement its solid timber core composite door, making it possible for homeowners looking to replace their existing arched framed door with something that will be long lasting, secure and offer thermal efficiency.

The all-in-one frame is easy to install as there are no metal couplers and  it is  finished with an 82 mm transom and mullions, that allow for bespoke sized side lights and top lights to suit the homeowner’s requirement.

Comp Door has even glass styles to choose from to create the desired effect and give the required level of privacy.

Frames come in a range of colours to co-ordinate with the chosen door colour or as a foiled finish, to give the look of a traditional timber frame.


Locking systems

As for the door itself, each one is fitted with a slam shut, auto-fire lock as standard. This automatic multi-point locking system features four self-locking, deadbolt latches that activate when the door is closed and keeps the door latched at all times over the full height of the door. It requires no homeowner intervention as with a single latch and lift lever, thus eliminating the chance of the door not being secured properly and minimising the thermal movement that causes warping or bowing associated with some other brands.


At its core

The cross-laminated Albasia Falcata solid timber core has been designed to be thermally efficient and offer maximum security. The timber core is then wrapped in a high-performance CoolSkin which is engineered to withstand extreme temperature changes.

It is impact resistant and has a colour protective layer so that it won’t get worn away or chipped. Comp Door’s InvisiEdge system gives a seamless colour edge to the door faces. This also helps to stop any unwanted water penetration and protects the timber core.



The range of door styles, glass designs and door furniture options range from tradition or retro to modern and contemporary. The bespoke nature of the doors means lead times are six to eight weeks.



Picture: The arched framed doorways that were so popular in the 1930s are back on trend for 2023.

Article written by Pierre Mifsud, Technical Director at Comp Door
06th April 2023


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