Age Is Just A Number

A beautiful 300-year-old oak framed country house in historical Cranbrook Kent still looked picture perfect last summer but a 13-year-old orangery attached to the building was looking old and tired.

Suffering from leaks and a lack of maintenance, the 30ft orangery, constructed in 2010 on the south-facing elevation of the house, was in need of a full renovation. Conservatory refurbishment specialist Apple & Oak was tasked with replacing it with something in keeping with heritage requirements but with the modern benefits of comfort and performance.


The job

Apple & Oak completed a full external preparation and treatment of the oak timber work, adding new leadwork, additional oak drip sections and using TuffX as the supplier of a new glass roof.

TuffX supplied 6mm bronze toughened glass with polished edges. During installation, working with the original rafters proved difficult as they were twisted and bowed from drying out over time, which meant the glass had to be tightened to the rafters carefully and with equal pressure.

The hard work paid off with a stunning orangery that is now fit for the future. “This project really shows what we can do and cements our reputation for bespoke conservatory restoration,” says Apple & Oak’s managing director Adam Brown.

Apple & Oak has been a TuffX customer for three years. “We chose TuffX as our supplier because they have a wide range of products for homeowners looking to upgrade the thermal performance and usability of their conservatory.

“There is a good amount of choice but not so much it confuses customers. TuffX also provides a great sample pack so the customer can see the difference in appearance between the alternative types of glass as well as comparing thermal and UV performance.”


Picture: TuffX supplied 6mm bronze toughened glass with polished edges for the restoration of a 13-year-old orangery.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
24th May 2023


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