Think Home Finds Facia Star

Before and after images of a Peterborough property clad in Freefoam Fortex.

Fortex cladding from Freefoam was the star of a recent installation by Think Home Fascias as it became the solution to replace the tired, worn and crumbling render on the front of a property just north of Peterborough.

The homeowner first approached Matt Edwards, the owner of Think Home Fascias in Peterborough and asked what could be done.


 “At first the customer was looking at the possibility of re-rendering the house but as they wanted to modernise it, I suggested Freefoam cladding and they were really taken with it.”

– Matt Edwards 

Owner, Think Home Fascias


Colour options

“Originally the customer wanted to go for white cladding but I suggested it might be too overpowering for their property,” continues Edwards. “They weren’t actually aware of the colour options available, so we discussed different possibilities, including anthracite grey, and they decided to go for storm grey.”

As well as giving the front of the property a new lease of life with a fresh appearance, Think Home Fascias added an insulating layer of Celotex behind the cladding to boost the home’s energy efficiency and help lower energy bills.

Fitting Freefoam Fortex cladding is an all-round solution as it is a quality, low maintenance product that has given the homeowner a warmer property and saved them time, hassle and money on home upkeep.

The project took just three days.

Edwards adds: “They were over the moon and gave us a positive review straight away. They have even posted pictures on Google and on social media. They were really impressed. “There are a lot of similar homes in the area with render that is starting to wear and we posted a display board outside the house. One of the customers’ neighbours has also shown interest in replacing the render on their property too.

Picture: Before and after images of a Peterborough property clad in Freefoam Fortex.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
31st March 2022


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