Thermal Efficiency – Honesty Is The Best Policy

Mark Frain, the national business development manager at WarmCore, has written passionately on the absolute need for honesty in describing the thermal efficiency of fenestration products.

The profine Group owns the WarmCore brand. WarmCore is one of the most energy efficient window and door framing systems on the market. The profine Group is one of the world’s largest extruders of window and door systems under the Kömmerling brand name and supplies its products to over 100 countries The group owns the Evolve, Greenline and Legend brands alongside WarmCore. It has a manufacturing facility in Huthwaite, close to the M1. The group introduced the Recyline recycling initiative.


Frain writes

The window sector has received its fair share of criticism over the years and there remains areas today where a greater degree of accuracy, transparency and honesty should prevail.

The energy efficiency and respective U-values of windows and doors is under scrutiny and will be more so in the years to come as we look to combat climate change. So, my request is that we need to be honest in the presentation of product performance, as I’m seeing occurrences of product performance claims that are misleading at best – or worse still plainly false.

Window and door systems regardless of material need to be accurately presented to everyone and preferably stated with the type of glazing whenever possible. To mislead consumers or indeed the trade is wholly wrong when the vast majority of us are presenting consistent and accurate information as we do with WarmCore.

So please on behalf of the vast majority of us, be accurate, honest and truthful before we tarnish the reputation of the industry again and lose some of the important goodwill that has been built up in recent years.


Picture: Mark Frain.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
05th July 2024


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