Logistics Company Gets Gig Because Of Enviro Friendly Fuels

An environmentally gas fuelled lorry

EnviroBuild Materials is moving warehousing and logistics to a champion of sustainability. It's a bold step to progress the company’s mission to become carbon neutral.

The firm selected is Howard Tenens Logistics.

EnviroBuild has been supplying the construction industry with eco-friendly building materials such as cladding, decking and fencing for thousands of homes throughout the UK. The company is committed to offering sustainable products which are consistently the preferred choice of architects, landscapers and construction firms.



EnviroBuild has been donating 10% of profits to sustainable initiatives in the community since 2015.



The selection of Howard Tenens Logistics followed an extensive search for a logistics company which would meet the sustainability ethos and high standards of EnviroBuild.

Howard Tenens Logistics sustainability track record is impressive. The company utilises longer and double-deck trailers to reduce trips and 95% of its fleet meets the latest Euro 6 emission standard (as of November 2020). The company is proactive about welcoming new innovations and low carbon technologies.


 “At EnviroBuild, we are always looking for new ways to improve our sustainability offering across all areas of the business. The move to Howard Tenens Logistics is doing just that and we are excited to work with a logistics company that puts sustainability at its core.”

– James Brueton 

Co-founder, EnviroBuild


Vegetable oil

Howard Tenens' credentials include being an early adopter of dual-fuel vehicles as well as conducting the first trial of the Scania 26-tonne rigid dedicated gas vehicle in the UK. The firm attempts to ensure that vehicle efficiency is improved at all times as well as embracing new fuels and technologies when they meet strict criteria.

For example, the company is considering the viability of using cleaner transport fuels such as HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) which can be used in existing engines without modification and can reduce CO2 emissions by 92% compared to diesel.

Delivery vehicles are selected based on their whole life cost and environmental impact. When vehicles need replacing, the latest Euro-standard engines are purchased, ensuring that the environmental impact is constantly being addressed and reduced.

Significant investment has been made in the latest tracking technology. This enables Howard Tenens Logistics to monitor vehicle and driver performance effectively and consistently so that potential issues can be addressed swiftly and efficiently.



Howard Tenens has also invested heavily in energy efficiency measures in its warehousing facilities. This includes an ongoing scheme to replace all inefficient lighting with LED lights as well as installing solar photovoltaic systems to generate and provide free electricity for all the company’s sites.



EnviroBuild is a builders' merchant specialising in sustainable building materials. Most recently, EnviroBuild launched new composite decking boards to join the Pioneer and Frontier lines in the highly successful Hyperion range. Hyperion Explorer has on one side a luxury, authentic textured wood grain effect and on the other a traditional grooved finish,. The Hyperion decking boards, in addition to the cladding and fencing ranges of the same name, are now produced using renewable wind energy as well. These latest changes to the production method mean that Hyperion composite decking boards will now produce a whopping 59.67% less carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) across its lifetime than maintained timber deck boards.



The new 150 Aqua Channel aluminium decking system is a non-combustible system complying with the newest fire legislations.


Picture: Howard Tenens Logistics' vehicles.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
21st April 2021


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