First Multi Point Locking For Steel Windows

Multi point lock for a steel window

Steel Window Association member Steel Window Fittings has launched a range of concealed, multi-point locking systems specifically for W30, W40 and W50TB slimline steel windows profiles.

Conventionally slimline-steel windows are closed and locked via a handle that latches the window or door just at the handle point. With their much larger section profiles PVC, timber, aluminium and large box section steel windows have had concealed multipoint locking for a long time.

With this new system a single slimline steel window can have a number of locking points on it. Security is greatly improved, durability is enforced and larger windows can be designed and produced. The concealed system is driven by a single key-locking or non-locking handle that is available in five different designs and seven standard finishes.

Picture: The Steel Window Fittings multi-point lock.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
18th December 2020


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