Energy Crisis - Profine Announces Make Your Own Venture

The profine Group (which has window profile in its portfolio) and the Wirth Group have founded a joint energy service provider, profine Energy GmbH, based in Waghäusel, Germany.

The task of profine Energy is to make the 29 locations of the profine Group in 23 countries largely independent of current electricity price developments and the large energy companies who operate their own photovoltaic systems. This significantly increases the reliability of supply and helps reduce the cost base for these locations. At the same time, the companies of the profine Group will make a significant contribution to active climate protection through renewables, it is claimed.


Owning the supply

profine Energy will be involved in national and international energy projects. The goal of the company is to provide services in the field of renewable energies in Germany and abroad. This includes the project planning, development, construction and operation of photovoltaic systems along with battery storage and systems for regenerative energy production from wind and biomass. Specific projects and services for partner companies are also planned.


Knowledge base

The customers of profine Group can also benefit from the know-how of this group energy service provider and can design their own energy future in an environmentally and climate-friendly way through joint projects with profine Energy.


 “profine stands for sustainability and the circular economy and we have a clear attitude and vision for this. Hence, the founding of profine Energy GmbH. Investments in renewable energies are another logical step. We invite all our partners to join us on our journey.”

– Dr Peter Mrosik 

Owner and CEO, profine Group


Green energies

Markus Wirth of the Wirth Group adds: “The goal is an overall strategy with which all international locations are converted to green energies. We have developed a professional plan for this. We bring the expertise from numerous solar projects to the partnership.”

Picture: The profine Group, with the help of the Wirth Group, will be investing in energy independence for its sites, some of which, such as Kömmerling UK produce window systems.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
25th August 2022


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