Can Tech Get You Off The Dangerous Path?

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PST managing director Neil Travers writes that in the wake of a boom time for installers, many have fallen into a complacency trap when it comes to sales, stating technology is the key to escaping this dangerous path.

There’s no denying that the UK fenestration industry has experienced unprecedented growth over the past few years, in most part thanks to the pandemic-induced home improvement boom.

As lockdowns led homeowners to invest in their living spaces, installers found themselves with a surge in demand for their products and services.

A boost in business was of course welcomed by all, yet a sudden influx also led to a concerning trend of complacency among some installers who became solely reliant on increased demand rather than actively innovating their sales strategies.

Today, many businesses have grown accustomed to customers reaching out directly, reducing the need for aggressive marketing and sales efforts – in short, many have actually forgotten how to sell.

Failing to innovate their selling approaches has left many installers vulnerable to downturns and emerging competitors.


The vital role of tech

To stay competitive in a rapidly changing landscape, it is vital that installers break free from this trap. One proven way to do this is to invest in technology to help boost their sales strategies.

Modern technology allows installers to streamline communication and create personalised journeys with every customer; helps potential customers make more informed buying decisions with the likes of virtual and augmented reality; and can provide valuable insight into customer trends and buying behaviours through data analytics, paving the way for targeted marketing campaigns – and a boost in sales.


Sales platform

As the market levels off, installers who have embraced technology are better equipped to stand out from the competition – it’s why at PST, we’ve developed vsHome, a sales platform designed specifically for the modern installer.

The advanced yet simple to use sales and surveying software solution allows for the design, visualisation, and pricing of a wide range of products such as windows, doors, conservatories, garden rooms and more.

As an advanced point of sale tool, vsHome allows installers to design and bring their customers’ ideas to life using drag and drop tools within the integrated 3D editor. A visualisation tool can then be used to fit models onto a photo background, producing a real-life representation of the finished product.


Virtual reality

This can be taken a step further with vsHome AR, the App that allows installers to share product designs directly to their customer’s phone or tablet to visualise what their new conservatory, orangery or extension will look like as a life-size representation on the side of their home. By locking the model down and holding their device, the customer can walk around their new home improvement product and explore it from the inside for an immersive experience.

Installers then have the option to add pricing and calculate the cost of each job, incorporating finance tools, discounts, mark-ups and custom payment schedules, while also benefitting from the integrated reporting suite which can export branded sales and survey reports at the touch of a button.

The software can be tailored to individual installers and the products they offer – installers can also incorporate their own logo and branding, as well as their own pricing model.


Ensure long-term success

While a previous surge in demand has provided an opportunity for installers, the complacency that came with it has led many down a dangerous path.  To ensure long-term success, installers need to learn how to sell again, break free from the complacency trap and invest in technology to enhance the customer experience, discover remote selling solutions, streamline processes, leverage data insights and gain a competitive advantage.


Picture: PST managing director Neil Travers.

Article written by Neil Travers, Managing Director, PST
15th September 2023


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