CALA Chameleon

Picture: Keylite conservation roof windows have been showcased at an Edinburgh luxury living development.

CALA Homes (East) has achieved a chameleon like change to Edinburgh’s B-listed Boroughmuir High School - creating 87 luxury apartments with Keylite conservation roof windows part of the renovation. 

Boroughmuir, nestled in Bruntsfield in the south of Edinburgh, is regarded as one of the Scottish capital’s most prized Grade B listed buildings, constructed pre-WWI between 1911 and 1914 by renowned architect, John Alexander Carfrae.

The sensitive refurbishment by CALA Homes (East) looks to largely reuse the building layouts and refurbish existing key elements such as windows, stairs, vaulted roofs and original beams. This is exemplified by the preservation and refurbishment of 430 sash and case windows, which provide each home with natural light and views across the city.

56 Keylite Conservation roof windows with a white painted internal finish, electric blinds and solar opening were specified for the renovation.

Keylite Conservation roof windows are claimed to be ideal for use in a period style property, replicating the look of a traditional skylight. The black central glazing bar and low-profile external flashing maintain the traditional character of the building, whilst accommodating the flow of natural light to the interior below.


 “The complex restoration of Edinburgh’s B-listed Boroughmuir high school into 87 private apartments is a project that has required genuine attention to detail in retaining the former school’s original character.”

– Craig Donaldson, 

Project manager, CALA Homes (East)


Energy performance

“The building was one of the first in Edinburgh to utilise steel frame architecture to create large open classrooms – some of which is expressed with the newly refurbished apartments on sale today,” continues Donaldson. “We are extremely conscious of the history of the building and the need for careful product specification was crucial. Keylite Conservation roof windows were an ideal fit for this project because of their aesthetics and enhanced thermal performance.”

Picture: Keylite conservation roof windows have been showcased at an Edinburgh luxury living development.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
25th March 2022


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