Britain Facing Up To Blackouts This Summer

As the summer sun blazes down around the UK, occupiers are thinking of ways to keep their homes cool. Could you add blackout curtains to your portfolio?

We’ve seen a huge demand for integral blinds and other forms of window shading which installers are comfortable selling, yet blackout curtains are often overlooked. These heavy-duty window coverings can do more than just block out light, they can transform the summer living experience. Here’s how:


Temperature control

Blackout curtains are made from thick, tightly woven fabrics that not only block light but also insulate windows.. This can be particularly beneficial during peak sunlight hours. Even if air conditioning was installed, the system wouldn’t have to work as hard, thus lowering energy bills.


Better sleep

The longer daylight hours of summer can disrupt sleep patterns. Blackout curtains create a dark, sleep-friendly environment by blocking out both early morning sunlight and late evening light. This is especially useful for those who work night shifts or have young children who need to nap during the day. Improved sleep quality can lead to better overall health and well-being.


Enhanced privacy

Summer often means more outdoor activities and gatherings in neighbourhoods, leading to increased foot traffic and noise. Blackout curtains provide an added layer of privacy by preventing outsiders from seeing into a home. Whether they are taking a midday nap or enjoying some quiet time with family, customers would appreciate the sense of seclusion blackout curtains offer.


Protection of furniture and flooring

Extended exposure to direct sunlight can cause furniture, carpets and flooring to fade over time. Blackout curtains block harmful UV rays, preserving the colours and integrity of your interior decor.


Noise reduction

The dense fabric of blackout curtains also serves as a barrier against external noise. Whether it’s the sound of traffic, neighbourhood activities or construction work, blackout curtains can help reduce the amount of noise and create a more peaceful and relaxing indoor environment.


Offering the right blackout curtains

Material: Look for curtains made from high-quality, tightly woven fabrics. Some blackout curtains come with a thermal lining for added insulation.

Colour and Style: While black or dark-coloured curtains are most effective at blocking light but customers will want colours and patterns to match their decor.

Size and Fit: Curtains must be wide and long enough to cover the windows completely. For maximum effectiveness, curtain rod should be mounted a few inches above the window frame and allow the curtains to extend beyond the sides of the window.

Extra profit: For added insulation and style, consider offering blackout curtains with sheer curtains. This allows the customer to enjoy natural light when they want it, while still having the option to block it out completely.


Picture: Will you be adding blackout curtains to your product portfolio?

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
28th June 2024


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