Big Leaf In Leafy Suburbs

Bi-fold patio doors

Schüco has launched its AS FD bi-fold door system claiming it will be a big hit in the leafy suburbs as it delivers the largest maximum leaf size on the market along with slim profiles and simplified fabrication and installation.

The doors provide the company’s slimmest bi-fold sightlines yet at 90mm. A maximum leaf width of 1500mm and height of 3500mm offer customers greater views with minimal obstruction, while the option of a new 3-point handle operated lock provides more familiar operation.


Easy install

Installation is made easier with an 8mm +/- adjustment profile. Integrated profiles and a reinforced outer frame profile reduce assembly and replacement time.


Part L

The new AS FD range features improved performance qualities compared to previous Schüco bi-fold doors. Increased airtightness enables the AS FD 75/90.HI to achieve U-values as low as 1.0, ensuring compliance with the new Part L building regulations.

New locking options and four drainage levels in two gasket profiles make the doors more watertight. They also run quietly thanks to a new roller carriage and solid tracks.


Easy manufacture

Integrated rebate profiles reduce the production time compared to previous models.

All the necessary software for CNC machining is in place and the system is already available on SchüCal and LogiKal for Schüco partners.


More to come

In September 2022, Schüco will be rolling out the new AS FD bi-fold doors in more opening configurations with additional barrier-free threshold options, giving customers the ability to customise the door opening to meet their needs.

Picture: Schüco has launched the improved AS FD bi-fold door system.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
27th May 2022


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