Aluminium Is King

In recent years, sustainability and energy efficiency have become the watchwords of modern construction, writes Andrew Cross, marketing manager at Kestrel Aluminium Systems.

Even before the current energy crisis the government had set out a firm path towards net-zero construction but the dramatic increases in energy bills since early 2022 has brought the need for energy efficient construction into even sharper focus.

Building owners across the country want to make sure that their properties are as efficient and sustainable as possible, whether they have commercial buildings in need of renovation to suit the changing ways we work and shop or are looking to reduce their energy bills and navigate the pitfalls of overheated summers and cold winters.


From commercial to domestic

Aluminium has been a firm favourite in the commercial sector for many years – there is no doubt. However, at Kestrel Aluminium Systems we aware there is a growing desire to specify aluminium amongst domestic window and door fabricators and installers who have traditionally specified PVC-U systems. This is thanks to the material’s increasing popularity and sustainability credentials.


Light maintenance and durability

One of the main reasons why aluminium has become so popular among time-poor homeowners is that it is extremely low maintenance, requiring just routine cleaning, rather than any regular repainting or treating once installed. Despite this lack of required ongoing maintenance, aluminium windows can easily achieve a 30-40 year working life.

Homeowners are also attracted to the material’s strength and durability. Aluminium has a natural protective oxide coating and is highly corrosion resistant, with a range of surface treatments, such as powder and anodised coatings, that can further improve its overall strength.

At Kestrel we have an in-house powder-coating facility and can offer a wide variety of RAL and BS colours. Keeping these facilities in house means we retain complete control of our quality standards and can also offer single or dual-colour powder coating.



Aluminium is also extremely lightweight, with a specific weight of 2.7g/cm3 – about a third that of steel. This makes it much easier to transport and handle during installation, as well as being very easy to manoeuvre during day-to-day operation. It also means much thinner frames can be specified than with other building materials, even when holding large pieces of glass – maximising daylight into a property, bringing the outside in and making the doors and windows a real feature of the building.



Another key advantage of aluminium fenestration systems is how recyclable the material is once the product has finally reached the end of its working life. Compared to many other materials, such as steel and timber, aluminium can be recycled again and again with no loss of quality. This saves up to 95% of the energy required for primary aluminium production, according to the Council for Aluminium in Building.

In fact, aluminium is so easy to recycle that 75% of all aluminium produced since the 1880s is still in use!

This makes aluminium the smart choice given the increasing pressure for installers and fabricators to build sustainably, make energy efficient choices and be able to give tangible examples of how they are building in an eco-friendly way.


Net Zero

Proven sustainability is likely to become a central requirement for everyone in the construction supply chain over the coming years, as the government looks to prioritise energy saving and move us further down the path towards net zero. Installers and fabricators looking to get ahead of these changes should always seek advice from a trusted manufacturer, who can help them better understand the choices available and make sure they always specify the right products for their customers.


Kestrel Aluminium Systems

At Kestrel Aluminium Systems we have been supplying aluminium fenestration products for more than 30 years. We pride ourselves on our customer service and reputation for high-quality, reliable products.


Picture: A Kestrel Aluminium Systems’ project.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
09th January 2023


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