An Appetite For Light

Rehau has launched the Slinova sliding door to meet the newest design trends and the continued movement to hybrid working and increasing natural light in homes.

According to a survey that was reported on by House Beautiful, one in six people focused on increasing additional sources of light when renovating their home, while 42 per cent stated overall wellness levels grew with access to sunlight at home.

Meanwhile, in Homes and Gardens, ‘establishing an indoor-outdoor feel in the home' is one of its top ten interior trends for 2023.


Home working

Alongside home improvement trends, the Slinova sliding door also responds to the rise in hybrid working and people’s desires to have spaces that improve their productivity and wellbeing while working from home. A survey conducted by PwC found that 55% of employees would prefer a hybrid model of working post-pandemic, while a report by McKinsey found that 20-25% of workforces are likely to work remotely between 3-5 days a week post-pandemic.

With consumers seeking more choice to satisfy distinct tastes and interior designs, the Slinova is available in 20 colour combination finishes that can be matched to the inside and outside of the property. This means installers and fabricators can offer a modern, slim, secure and energy efficient solution that is customisable to occupant specifications.


Home enhancement

“We know that homeowners are constantly on the lookout for products that can enhance the look and architecture of their home, while awareness of how more natural light contributes to wellbeing and productivity is ever-increasing. This means internal sliding doors are quickly climbing up the home improvement list,” says Russell Hand, head of product management and technical at Rehau UK.

“Our latest sliding door makes the transition from indoor to outdoor much smoother, thanks to its dual and triple track roller door system that means it’s a single, simple and light movement to open the door. Engineered with a discreet 80mm frame depth, Slinova helps maximise natural light through its large glazed area. Slinova caters for a large number of sliding door combinations and can be configured in two, three, four and six pane options that open from either left, right or even from the centre for complete flexibility.



“Slinova has a minimalist discreet design, and the appeal lies in its customisation options. Fabricators can help achieve the look that consumers want through a wide range of colours and finishes, from whites to more modern slate or anthracite greys.”

Picture: An appetite for light has driven Rehau’s latest modern sliding door design.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
12th October 2023


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