Wholehouse Design Platform Launched

Travis Perkins has launched its WholeHouse platform that means SME housebuilders can plan and design a bespoke digital model of a house before physically constructing it – including windows and doors.

The builders merchant claims Wholehouse ensures detailed and accurate design, plans and material pricing of developments from the first day. From start to finish, the process can be completed in under an hour, saving weeks of work.

Based on the BIM (building information management) process, WholeHouse has been developed by Travis Perkins in partnership with industry representatives, such as architects, engineers and planners as well as customers and suppliers.

The portal is specifically designed for housebuilders building up to 250 units a year. It means they can bring plots and developments to life through 3D visualisation in designs that can be easily adapted, personalised and tailored depending on customer requirements.

The platform also offers scalability, so it's just as easy for them to design one plot as it is a multi-unit development site without needing any additional resource, claims Travis Perkins.





As it ensures detailed and accurate material pricing from the beginning, the platform promotes improved sustainability by reducing material waste and providing informed choices around low carbon solutions. This also leads to a reduction in development costs because of the accurate and real-time pricing the portal provides. 


Tried and tested

WholeHouse reduces development risk by allowing housebuilders to create a house type from over half a billion fully coordinated, tried and tested designs. This enables builders to create costed, construction drawings with accurate elevations, floor plans, specifications and cross-sections at the click of a button. Traditionally many of these items would need to be manually costed from drawings and separate subcontractor quotes.

The platform collates and automatically processes all relevant information in one place and is fully compliant with the latest regulations and industry standards and works in real-time.

Designs are checked and reviewed by industry experts and a supplier panel.

Highly complex information is embedded in the models, down to details such as the colour of brickwork, different roof types, verge types, windows, door frames, porches, gutters and more.


Picture: Travis Perkins has launched its WholeHouse platform for SME housebuilders with windows and doors embedded in its infrastructure.





Article written by Cathryn Ellis
12th April 2023


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