Web Diary Of Sustainability Measures

Freefoam, the cladding &  roofline firm, has launched a new page on its website to highlight milestones on the company’s journey to building a sustainable future.

The page emphasises Freefoam’s ongoing journey from a linear to a circular economy, showing site users the range and breadth of sustainability projects Freefoam has on the go.

It features initiatives and case studies that centre around the elimination of waste, the reuse and circulation of resources and carbon and energy reduction activities. The case studies detail the different countermeasures implemented to address waste occurring at Freefoam.

As Freefoam continues to measure and improve its sustainability performance, more content will be added as new projects are introduced throughout the year.



Initiatives are as wide ranging as using energy from renewable sources, recover and recycle schemes and introducing a closed loop production process. Another involves the  ongoing replacement of all DC motors with AC motors. AC motors use less energy and require less maintenance than the older DC motors. Freefoam’s energy usage will be reduced by 64,774 kiloWatt hours per annum as well as reduced energy and maintenance costs.



Freefoam has implemented a redesign and reduction project to remove the protective film on the vented section of general purpose boards, allowing any ‘slugs’ or waste PVC to be diverted from general waste and reused in the production process. From this scheme, the company will see 13,500kg of PVC foam diverted from general waste a year and carbon emissions reduced by an estimated 25,870kg CO2e per annum.

Colin St John, the commercial director at Freefoam, says: “As a responsible manufacturer, we are committed to sustainable manufacturing. It is our responsibility to monitor and reduce our overall impact on the environment. The new page on our website will document our commitment to putting sustainability at the heart of our organisation and through case studies we will demonstrate some of the projects we are undertaking to achieve this goal.”


Picture: Freefoam is building significant momentum on sustainability and letting customers know via its website.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
26th April 2023


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