Valuing U-Values

U-values will be the focus for fabricators and their customers in 2023 says CDW Systems’ group chairman Jeremy Phillips.

And the Gloucester based aluminium fabricator is making sure it can provide customers with the right products.


 “Customers, be they domestic or commercial, want to get the best U-values they can within their budget.”

– Jeremy Phillips 

Group chairman, CDW Systems



“Whereas previously customers just wanted to change windows, we’re now finding our trade customers are getting challenged more and more now on what U-value they can provide,” continues CDW Systems’ Phillips. “We are expecting this to carry on in 2023 and our focus will be on making sure our product range is as energy efficient as possible and making any changes or improvements we need to so our customers can get what they need.”


Tougher times

Phillips is also expecting things to be a bit more challenging in the retail market while continuing to see growth in commercial. He says: “The current financial climate means 2023 is going to be quite challenging and the industry will be depending on many things that are out of our control, for example if we have a really cold winter, for example, that will cost people a lot of money and that will reduce their disposable income on the retail side of things.

“On the commercial side of things, we are still seeing a lot of projects that were stopped during the pandemic now coming to the fore, so if the retail side slows down then we’re expecting the commercial side to fill any gap.”


Picture: U-values will be the focus for CDW Systems in 2023.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
16th January 2023


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