V For Victory...And The Shape Of The Recession

Deceuninck has reported June 2020 sales 15% up on June 2019

Colour has been a big driver of a post-lockdown sales victory for one systems supplier whose MD reckons a V-shaped recession is probable - in line the thinking of the Bank of England.

Deceuninck, the systems supplier in question,  says its June sales are up 15% year-on-year and ahead of the 2020 budget - with flush windows and doors mostly specified in the different shades available.


 “Our sales in June increased 15% year-on-year, well ahead of our pre-Covid budget, which is quite simply, spectacular! By last month Deceuninck fabricators had all returned to work and they’ve reported very strong demand across the board.”

– Rob McGlennon 

Managing Director, Deceuninck


No holidays

“The home improvement market is booming – consumers have spent the past few months at home, thinking of ways to improve their properties. The majority won’t be going on holiday so they’re spending money updating and enhancing their homes instead," continues Deceuninck’s McGlennon. "Our tempting product offering, wide colour range from stock and reliable service gives fabricators and installers the tools to tap into this lucrative market.

"Our commercial sales are very strong too, and we have a number of large, prestigious projects in the pipeline."



McGlennon adds: “We’re feeling confident about the future and the long-term prospects for Deceuninck and our customers. The next few months won’t be without challenge - but this industry has a track record of strong recovery after recessions. Like the Bank of England, my money’s on a V-shaped recession.”

Picture: Deceuninck has reported June 2020 sales 15% up on June 2019 with colour doors and profiles high in demand.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
23rd July 2020


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