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Being able to co-ordinate the colour of your integral blinds with the window and door frames and hardware is really important, writes Morley Glass’ Ian Short, as it means homeowners are able to fully realise their creative vision.

And very subtle differences between colours can make a big aesthetic difference.

This is why we think the new colours in our ScreenLine integral blinds range have so much potential in today’s market. The new cool greys and black, as well as the neutral tones we already offer, will appeal to any style-conscious homeowner seeking to achieve an ultra-contemporary look.



All our Uni-Blinds integral blind units are built using ScreenLine systems from Pellini – the Italian company that has operated in the field for 40 years.

One stand-out feature of ScreenLine blinds is the appearance and longevity of the colours applied to the blind slats in Venetian blinds and the fabrics of pleated blinds.

Integral blinds are exposed to direct sunlight and heat day in, day out, which means the colour finish could easily suffer. Hence why ScreenLine integral blind systems undergo thorough testing to monitor the stability of the colours over many months. Only when Pellini’s R&D team is satisfied with the long-term performance is the colour approved for production.


Black to the future

We launched an exclusive black (B160) Venetian integral blind in 2022 and it has quickly become one of our most popular blind colours. It looks amazing with Anthracite or black frames because of its complementary appeal, yet it is also a great colour to create a strong contrast between the blinds and the window or door frames.


Anthracite still king

We know from market studies that anthracite windows and doors continue to be the most popular frame colour after white. So it is no surprise that our biggest selling colour after white is Anthracite (S159) – it is a modern classic, the demand for which remains consistently strong, and exclusively available in the UK from Morley Glass.


Agate grey – the new cool kid on the block

If there is a challenger to Anthracite, then it is definitely Agate grey (S120). This softer grey is gaining appeal amongst homeowners through its warmer and more homely feel, while at the same time giving any property a more contemporary look than white frames. Hence why the new ScreenLine Venetian in Agate grey is rapidly gaining attention.


Slate grey brings a subtle difference

Getting home décor right means being able to choose from a variety of different colours, often with subtle differences. This is one of the reasons why we launched a new shade of grey at the 2023 FIT Show – slate grey (B158). Softer than Anthracite but bolder than Agate or silver, this is already ticking the boxes for many homeowners.


Grey on the outside, white inside

One popular window and door frame choice in recent years has been to have white on the inside and Anthracite on the exterior, enabling homeowners to achieve a contemporary outward appearance whilst retaining lightness inside rooms. Now there is a Uni-Blinds Venetian integral blind option to match these types of windows and doors with our dual-coloured slat – S159 Anthracite externally and S102 white internally.


Pleated blackouts that are anything but black

Where a homeowner is looking for blackout performance from their integral blinds, the Uni-Blinds pleated blackout blind will fit the bill. And the great thing about this blind is that the blackout fabric is available in eight colours, four of which are in the grey spectrum – dove, grey sheen, grey ridge and Anthracite – as well as black.


Pictures: The colour options for Uni-Blinds from Morley Glass are extensive and will match or contrast with most frame colours – with greys and blacks being the most popular.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
07th November 2023


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