Launch Of A New CSCS Card Design

A full CSCS Card

CSCS cards provide proof that individuals working on construction sites have the appropriate training and qualifications for the job they do. GQA, the sole issuer for glazing and fenestration, has changed its card design.

GQA is also an issuer of cards for other construction occupations. It has announced a change to the design of cards which contain information about the qualifications and skill levels of those who carry them.

Most principal contractors and major house builders require construction workers on their sites to hold a valid card.

By ensuring the workforce is appropriately qualified the card plays its part in improving standards and safety on UK construction sites.


 “We have launched the new colour coded version of our Q-Card, which means at a glance, a site manager can see the skill level and qualifications of the holder and safely admit them to a site.”

– Mick Clayton 

CEO, GQA Qualifications


Construction Leadership Council

“The GQA Q-Card carries the CSCS logo and is a part of the Construction Leadership Council and CSCS ‘one industry logo’ campaign now entering its sixth year, which seeks to ensure that a single easily recognised logo, with no alternatives accepted, is evident on all cards relevant to construction site access,” continues GQA Qualifications' Clayton.


Colour coded

The new design, as well as containing the holder’s information, accessible via a QR code, gives the cards a distinct colour scheme to align them more closely with the coloured cards issued by CSCS and some of the other Partner Card schemes. This will enable site managers to be able to recognise the holder’s skills levels immediately.

The new design of cards which will be issued to all new applicants with immediate effect, and to those renewing their cards has the following colour classifications: General Construction Site Labourer Card (Green); Apprentice, Trainee, or Temporary Card (Red); Full Card including Skilled Worker (Blue), Advanced Crafts, Supervisor or Advanced Craft Supervisor (Gold) and Manager (Black).

Picture: The new 'Full' CSCS Card from GQA.

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Article written by Cathryn Ellis
29th January 2021


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